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KC Zoo Polar Bear Exhibit

Custom Engineering provided mechanical, electrical and plumbing design for the Kansas City Zoo’s new Polar Bear Exhibit. The project consists of a new Visitor Viewing Area, Bear Holding Area, Life Support Systems, Exhibit Space, Food Concession Area and site electrical and lighting. The 9,568 square foot exhibit has a 14,000 gallon freshwater pool which includes hydraulics, filtration, ozonation and deaeration, chlorination and pH Control, and a vacuum system. The exhibit has 180-degrees of view-through windows that are 2.25 inches thick. It also has a viewing room for visitors, which can be heated or cooled to make the exhibit just inside the zoo entrance a year-round attraction. The Polar Bear Exhibit was designed to meet LEED Certification. The efforts in obtaining a LEED Certification consist of maximizing point totals in Water Efficiency, Energy and Atmosphere, and Indoor Environmental Quality. The new exhibit will house a 750 pound robust male bear named Nikita.

Recreated glaciers, a large sandbox and open spaces along the banks create a Polar Bear Environment of Fun for digging, plunging and napping. This awesome Arctic adventure creates an interactive public connection to these magnificent northern species through above and below water viewing in the 140,000 gallon pool and a climate controlled viewing area with multiple viewing angles. Host your next cocktail party or intimate dinner reception in the coolest place in town.

Polar bear habitat is quickly shrinking. Zoo’s nationwide are working together to educate and communicate the need to reduce greenhouse gases, reuse our resources and reverse global climate change in order to help polar bear populations as well as other species. Located directly inside the front entrance, the polar exhibit will meet the Manitoba Standards for polar bear husbandry, ensuring that the polar bears receive excellent care both physically and on an enrichment level.